Sling TV Raises Prices Right on Schedule

Sling TV

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Sling TV, like all streaming TV platforms do regularly, is raising prices. This may should come as a shocker to some no one, as the company telegraphed this very move a few months back.

In July of last year, just as the the rest of the streaming TV industry was jacking up prices, Sling TV swooped in with an announcement that not only was it not raising prices, it would guarantee new and existing customer prices until July of 2021. I know that a guarantee like that sounds good, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to confirm your future plans to raise prices by the end of or before that guarantee.

Today, Sling announced that prices are indeed going up. Both Sling Orange and Sling Blue are now priced at $35/mo if you subscribe to them individually. That’s a $5/mo increase. If you subscribe to both as a bundle, the price is now $50/mo, a $5/mo increase as well.

Additionally, a bunch of Sling TV Extras (Sports, Comedy, Kids, News, Lifestyle, etc.) are seeing a price increase of $1/mo, as is the Total TV Deal ($1-$2/mo).

Of course, if you locked in pricing last year, your monthly cost won’t increase just yet. Your price is guaranteed through the end of July.

Streaming TV, you were once cool, man.

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