Google Camera Update Lets Pixel 5 Users Turn Off Auto Night Sight

Google Pixel 5

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A fresh Google Camera update is rolling out this week that gives Pixel 5 (and I’m guessing Pixel 4a 5G users too) more control over the Auto Night Sight setting. It’s a minor tweak, but certainly useful.

Thanks to a single new button in the pop-down menu in the Camera app as a part of version, users can turn off Auto Night Sight completely. See below in the “More Light” section of quick settings pop-up, where you now have off, auto, and flash options.

Using this toggle, Pixel 5 owners can take back full control of the regular camera mode and save Night Sight for those moments when they really want to use it. I can’t say that I’ve been overly-frustrated by Google suggesting Night Sight at times, but I’m also well aware that there is a dedicated mode for Night Sight that I can access if I need it. I kind of like the idea of telling Google to leave my camera spaces alone.

The update is rolling out now, so hit that link below to grab it.

Google Play Link: Google Camera

Google Camera Update Pixel 5



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