Earin A-3 Earbuds Now Available for $199, Some Good Lookin’ Buds

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Earin, the company that is credited for helping pioneer the wireless in-ear bud category, is back at it with its latest A-3 earbuds. Priced at $199, the A-3 buds look a bit different from many of the other earbuds on the market, as you won’t find one of those large stems protruding from them. Instead, they’re little buds that fit snugly in your ears, similar in appearance to select Galaxy Buds models and earbuds from other manufacturers.

For specs, Earin details the A-3 buds as the smallest and lightest earbuds on the market. Users can expect superior audio quality with deep bass, water/sweat resistance, and 5 hours of battery life (30 hours with charging case). One of the neater features is the lack of dedicated left and right buds. Using some fancy recognition tech, the buds automatically know which ear they’re in, so you won’t have to worry about sticking a bud in the wrong ear. The buds also feature touch controls, as well as wireless and wired charging for the charging case.

If you’re looking for something other than Apple-branded pods or Galaxy-branded buds, check out these Earin buds. I have experience with a past model and I liked them quite a bit. I imagine these are a solid option.

They aren’t yet available on Amazon, but they are said to be coming soon. In the meantime, check them out on Earin’s site for $199.

Earin Store Link | Amazon Link (Coming Soon)



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