Gibson Launches AR-Powered Resource App for Guitarists

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There’s a new app for guitarists this week, made by the folks over at Gibson. Aimed at any level of guitarist, from beginner to pro, the idea is to feed you all of the guitar content you can handle, complete with a subscription price of $15/month.

The main highlight of the app is the learning aspect. There are three levels to choose from: Beginner, Intermediate, and Pro. From here, the app will turn you into a great guitarist, using on-screen tabs, real-time listening (Guitar Hero style), and a very friendly person talking you through the process. I tested it out and it’s actually pretty good in terms of being a teaching tool. It looks good, it hears your guitar well, and the lessons progress in difficulty quite nicely.

There is other content you’re paying for, though. Inside the app, you can jam on songs from artists like Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Santana, Aerosmith, Tom Petty, Billie Eilish, Dolly Parton, and even The Beatles. Each song from the artists can be catered to your ability, so don’t be intimidated playing tunes from the likes of Clapton and Santana. Gibson has also included some original content that you can stream via the app. The word “exclusive” isn’t used in the marketing for this app, so I’m not sure if you’ll find this watchable content anywhere else, but it’s for sure inside of this app for watching.

And of course, what $15/month guitar app doesn’t include a guitar tuner? There is a nice tuner built into the app.

If you love everything Gibson, give it a look. There’s a free week trial inside, so have some fun.

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