Qualcomm’s New Fingerprint Reader Tech Means 50% Faster Phone Unlocks

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Qualcomm announced the 3D Sonic Sensor Gen 2 this week, the sensor that is inside many Android devices that allows you to unlock them using your fingerprint. There’s a few noteworthy things you should know about Gen 2, and once you hear them, we suspect you’ll be hoping Gen 2 is in your next smartphone.

Most importantly, Gen 2 is said to be 50% faster in unlocking your phone versus Gen 1. That alone makes it worth the upgrade, but if that’s not enough for you, Qualcomm also says Gen 2 is larger (4x9mm vs. 8x8mm), meaning more of an area for you to place your thicc finger/thumb for recognition. Not only is it good to have more space for the finger, but security wise, it allows the sensor to collect a lot more biometric data.

Qualcomm details that devices equipped with the 3D Sonic Sensor Gen 2 are expected to debut in early 2021.

This is cool!

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