Samsung Pushes Hard to Sell Out of the Galaxy S20 With Trade-in Deals

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

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In a last ditch effort to sell through remaining Galaxy S20 inventory, Samsung has opened up its trade-in program to get you to bite and own this year’s Galaxy S phone before the new one arrives in a few weeks. They are offering up to an instant $550 off depending on the phone you have ready to part with.

Taking a glance at Samsung’s store, it seems their deals might be working. The regular Galaxy S20 is completely out of stock, the Galaxy S20+ is only available unlocked or as a T-Mobile variant, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra is selling quickly. Depending on the phone you have to trade, you could get a Galaxy S20+ for as little as $349 right now, or the Galaxy S20 Ultra for $549.

The reason this current deal is so good is because Samsung has expanded some values on trade-ins. For example, they’ll give you $550 off if you own any Galaxy Note 10 or Galaxy S10, including the Galaxy S10e. Earlier in the year when the S20 first launched, they only offered $300 for the S10e.

To potentially further sweeten the appeal of this deal, Samsung will give you up to $450 off even if you phone has a cracked screen. So if you own any Note 10 or S10 device that happens to be cracked, you’ll still get $450 off. There are others in this cracked category too, but the only values this good are iPhone 11 models.

If you wouldn’t mind owning a Galaxy S20 and have a Galaxy S10 or Note 10 to trade-in, now is one of the best times. $349 for an S20+ is a great price that’ll also let you get rid of your almost-2-year-old phone.

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