Verizon Expands Nationwide 5G, Adds New 5G Ultra Wideband Areas

Verizon 5G Coverage

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Verizon 5G can be found in more places today, thanks to an expansion of the carriers’s nationwide 5G and Ultra Wideband flavors. Depending on where you live and on which block could mean very different 5G experiences.

For nationwide 5G, which clearly does not mean that Verizon has pushed 5G nationwide and is instead the actual name of their low-band 5G network, Verizon says 24 million customers in Central Texas, Tulsa, OK, upstate New York, and the New England area all have access. This is an expansion on the initial launch of Verizon 5G Nationwide that kicked off in October.

As a reminder, Verizon’s low-band or “nationwide” 5G is not going to change your world. They are using their 4G LTE network to provide a 5G signal to your phone, so your speeds won’t really show much of an improvement over what you’ve already had. It’s just one piece of the 5G puzzle.

As for 5G Ultra Wideband, which is the fast stuff that is impossible to find because it’s limited to certain city blocks and really only works when you are outside standing next to a 5G tower, is now in parts of Tampa, St. Petersburg, Albuquerque, and Durham. With this expansion, Verizon’s fast 5G is now in 61 cities as well as 48 stadiums/arenas and 7 airports.

How’s 5G been treating you?

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