Monday Poll: Do You Use Digital Wellbeing?

Digital Wellbeing

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Since its release, I’ve maybe gone into the Digital Wellbeing section of my phone’s settings menu twice, only to take photos of the software for posts such as this. Beyond that, I don’t need my phone to tell me I’m looking at Twitter too much. While I get that Digital Wellbeing can be helpful and Google’s intentions are good, I just don’t see the use in it for myself.

If you aren’t familiar with it, Digital Wellbeing is a collection of tools that are designed to better your life with a smartphone. There are ways to “disconnect” from your device, such as Bedtime Mode and Focus Mode, made to help you take a break from social media or whatever else it is you use your phone for. You can dive deeper into notification management, set Do Not Disturb, and also access some parental controls from this section.

Like I said, Digital Wellbeing has its place, but I have honestly never actually used anything from it.

What about you, do you use Digital Wellbeing?

Do you use Digital Wellbeing?

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