Google Pixel Buds Get Rare Discount: $20 Off

Pixel Buds

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Google’s newest pair of Pixel Buds are discounted this weekend for what may be the first time. The high-end pair of true wireless earbuds has managed to live through all these months without ever being a part of a promo, which is a situation we don’t see often in a tech world where everything is discounted, even Google’s already-affordable phones.

The Pixel Buds 2 are currently $20 off, dropping their price to $159. That’s not a massive discount, but it’s something!

You’ll find all colors at the deal price, including Clearly White, Oh So Orange, Quite Mint, and Almost Black. You’ll also find the deal price at every retailer that sells them.

Are Google’s Pixel Buds still good enough at their high price when there are so many otherĀ really good buds at around this price point? I think so. I swap earbuds regularly and more often than not fall back to the Pixel Buds when I’m done testing something new. For me, it’s the combination of the incredible comfort, best-in-the-business touch controls, Google Assistant, and the solid sound that keep me coming back. Our review still holds up after all these months.

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