Limited Time Deal: Buy OnePlus 8 Pro, Get OnePlus 7T for $1

OnePlus 8 Pro Black Friday

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Most Black Friday deals are stale at this point, so we’re on the hunt for short-term or limited deals that are new and worth jumping on immediately. This fresh deal from OnePlus might be worth it if you need a couple of phones.

For only a few hours today, you can buy a OnePlus 8 Pro for $799 ($100 off) and get a OnePlus 7T with it for just $1 more. For $800, you are getting two really, really great phones (8 Pro review, 7T review).

I’m going to guess that quantities are limited on the 7T, so you may want to hurry. Currently, the OnePlus 8 Pro is available in both black and blue, but the 7T is only available in silver. The blue model is out of stock.

The other thing to note here is that the OnePlus 8 Pro is a fully unlocked phone that will work on any carrier. The OnePlus 7T is listed as the T-Mobile version, which OnePlus claims is only compatible with the full T-Mobile network. In other words, even if you unlock it, there’s a chance it won’t work perfectly on AT&T, and there’s no guarantee it’ll work on Verizon.

The deal ends in 13 hours from the time of this post (7:50AM Pacific).



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