OnePlus Finalizes List of IDEAS to Add to OxygenOS

OnePlus 8T OxygenOS

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OnePlus just wrapped up its IDEAS 2.0 program, where they asked OnePlus fans to submit ideas for their phones that could potentially be included in upcoming releases of OyxgenOS. After multiple rounds of submissions, the final list of “adopted” ideas has been released. This is what could be coming to OxygenOS!

For those not familiar with the program, IDEAS helped bring always-on display back to OnePlus phones. It should also bring folders to the app drawer, fingerprint reader unlocks to the gallery, a notification sound when the battery is fully charged, and other goods further down the road. IDEAS is one of the coolest crowd-sourced software initiates from any of the popular smartphone makers, because it lets users openly decide where the future of an OS skin goes.

For IDEAS 2.0, OnePlus looked at multiple rounds of submissions, watched as the community voted on many, and then discussed internally those that they might be able to include. They settled on an FPS counter when gaming, more lockscreen customizations, a wireless file transfer feature for sending/receiving between OnePlus phones and PC, the ability to take partial screenshots, a true black dark mode, and more.

OnePlus IDEAS 2.0:

  1. Add a FPS counter option to Game Space: For gamers, this would show you a steady frames-per-second counter while you are gaming.
  2. Separate volume for each app and allow dual media playback: The complaint here is that on OnePlus phones, if you are playing music and then open something like Twitter or receive a call, a video or call might pause your music. This suggestion is to allow audio to play from both sources or at least tell the system to let the music keep playing.
  3. Lockscreen customization: This idea just wants there to be more stuff to customize on the lock screen, like more weather info, app shortcuts, etc.
  4. Wireless file transfer from PC to OnePlus and vice versa: Not sure I believe this will happen, but the idea suggests some sort of seamless ability to send and receive files from OnePlus phones to a PC (or vice versa) over WiFi.
  5. Power Diet – Save up for a rainy day: This person really wants to turn their phone into a dumb, monochrome phone that does almost nothing in order to further expand battery life.
  6. Dark mode to be black instead of grey, or at least option for both: The new dark theme in OxygenOS 11 is great, but some want it to be true black and not the combo of black and grey as it currently is. This could bring true black or at least a toggle between some options.
  7. Partial ScreenShot: The idea here is to be able to select an area of a screen to screenshot rather than take a full-screen image that has to be cropped later.

OnePlus didn’t say when any of this could hit their roadmap and become a part of OyxgenOS, but this is a big step towards the possibility of that happening.

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