NVIDIA SHIELD TV Upgrade 8.2.1 Brings Long, Long List of Bug Fixes

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NVIDIA detailed a fresh update for SHIELD devices this morning, labeled as Experience Upgrade 8.2.1.

As you’ll see below, there’s a humungous list of bug fixes, plus a solid list of what NVIDIA describes as “Enhancements.” Those enhancements include a new notification to enable AI-upscaling when upscaling GeForce NOW, an added developer option to force HDCP 1.4 compatibility mode, as well as the August security patch.

I won’t list out all of the bug fixes, since that’d take forever, so I’ll leave that to you.

What’s New


  • Adds notification to enable AI-upscaling when upscaling GeForce NOW
  • Adds IR power control for projector displays
  • Adds IR power/volume control for the following brands: Arris, Atyme, BC Acoustique, Dayton, Kora, Monoprice, ONN, Point Source Acoustics, Savant, Sennheiser, SMSL, Tascam
  • Improves system volume levels when audio is routed to USB DAC or Bluetooth headset
  • Adds developer option to force HDCP 1.4 compatibility mode (4K protected content will not be available)
  • Allows IR power commands sent from SHIELD Remote 2019 when using Alexa skill
  • Includes security patches up to Android security bulletin (August 2020)

Bug Fixes

AI Scaling:

  • Resolves issue where AI upscaling would incorrectly detect content as unsupported, requiring a reboot
  • Resolves issue where AI upscaling would randomly detect content as unsupported
  • [SHIELD TV Pro 2019] Resolves dropped frames when AI upscaling 60fps video when overscan is adjusted


  • Fixes issue where line is visible when using AI upscaling on Prime Video
  • Resolves issue where Screen Saver timers were not set properly
  • Resolves black screen issue when playing Dolby Vision content and overscan adjusted


  • Allows special characters in username when accessing SHIELD over network
  • Fixes issue when copying >2GB files from Mac to SHIELD 2019
  • Fixes issue when connecting to SHIELD over local network when username has a space
  • Fixes rare crash bug when mounting network storage to SHIELD
  • Fixes bug where connected storage would become inaccessible, requiring reboot to recover


  • Fixes bug where IR volume control would stop working when Talkback is enabled
  • Fixes “Long Press Menu” functionality for customized menu button
  • Resolves issue where configuring IR control might fail when older SHIELD remotes and controllers are paired
  • Fixes bug where IR control was still active after factory reset
  • Fixes bug where IR control would not be available after changing language to traditional Chinese
  • [SHIELD TV 2019] Resolves issue where IR control would stop working, requiring reboot to recover
  • [BFGD] Resolves volume and play/pause button press issues on new SHIELD Remote 2019


  • Improves system volume levels when using USB DAC or bluetooth speakers
  • Fixes bug where audio would randomly drop, requiring a reboot to recover
  • Resolves issue where manually enabling AC3 in “Available formats” was not working as advertised
  • Fixes NETFLIX issue where 5.1 audio would not be available after disconnecting bluetooth speaker
  • Fixes bug where volume control notification would show up incorrectly on KODI


  • Fixes bug where SHIELD Experience upgrade would be blocked if accessory battery is low
  • Resolves background display issue when exiting settings menu
  • [BFGD] Fixes YouTube crash issue
  • Fixes alignment issues on “Ok Google” configuration page
  • Resolves issue where SHIELD would not show up available as a cast device

The update should start appearing on devices starting right now!




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