Use YouTube Premium? Claim Your Free Stadia Premiere Edition ($99 Value)

Google Stadia

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Detailed this week, folks who subscribe to YouTube Premium in the US and UK can claim a free Stadia Premiere Edition ($99 value), which is pure wild and a likely testament to how poorly Stadia is doing right now.

Should you be subscribed to YouTube Premium, claiming the free bundle from Stadia, which consists of a Chromecast Ultra and Stadia Controller, is very easy. Visit the link below, be signed into the Google account that has the YouTube Premium subscription, enter your information, and then sign up for a month of Stadia Pro for free. You can cancel your Stadia subscription at any time, no strings attached. Even if you do this simply for the free Chromecast Ultra, it’s totally worth the trouble.

The only thing we have to note is for G Suite users. Should your YouTube Premium be attached to a G Suite account, you’ll have difficulty signing up for Stadia, as the service is incompatible with G Suite accounts. However, Stadia sends out a separate email for you to redeem your gift and doesn’t appear to cross check if the email you use is actually signed up for Stadia or not. Your miles may vary, but from what we can tell, most people should be able to claim this free gift.

You see, Google can be a very generous company, especially when it’s attempting to pump a lifeline into one of its struggling services.

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