Lenovo Smart Clock Essential Drops to $24, Regular Smart Clock to $34

New Lenovo Smart Clock Essential

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Lenovo sells two different Smart Clock devices that act a lot like a Google Nest Mini, only they double as clocks. The perfect bedside smart devices that can also charge your phones, you’ll find them heavily discounted today to what may be their lowest prices yet.

The brand new Lenovo Smart Clock Essential, which really is a smart alarm clock (with no display), is down to $24. Its original price was $50, so that’s a sizable $26 discount.

The other Lenovo Smart Clock (review) with a mini-display is down to $34 right now, which again, is a big discount from its original price of $79.

Why buy these instead of a Nest Mini or other Google speaker? Well, you buy these if you need a sweet alarm clock by your bed that also happens to have Google Assistant there for giving you morning news or updates, controlling your smart home, telling you the weather, playing a bit of music, and waking your ass up.

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