It’s OnePlus 8T Launch Day!

OnePlus 8T Review

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It’s an easy decision, folks. If you like OnePlus phones, Kellen has already proclaimed the OnePlus 8T to be the company’s best phone yet, so don’t beat yourself up over the decision. Just do it.

Should you order today, the OnePlus website says your order will ship within 3 days, meaning you might have your shiny new device in time for Halloween, ahead of all those suckers who ordered the Pixel 5. Just kidding, Pixel 5 friends, but you do have to admit that waiting a month for your phone is super lame.

The phone is priced at $750, though, do note that OnePlus has its very own trade-in system that can save you some cash. You know us, we’re all about the trade-in programs around these parts.

If you haven’t already, read our review of the OnePlus 8T and then hit that buy button below. You probably won’t regret it.

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