Google Fi Offering $15/Month Pixel 4a Subscription, Includes Device Protection and 2-Year Upgrade

Google Pixel 4a Review

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Google Fi is launching a new way for people to get a new Pixel 4a at a reasonable monthly price. Separate from the cost of cell service, which is still starting at $20/month, customers can get a Pixel 4a for as low as $15/month and that includes device protection and an “upgrade” after two years. Google Fi says this will save people $133 over the course of two years.

Subscribing is straightforward enough, though, a credit check is required. You select your plan, select the phone subscription option, have your credit check, and if you are approved, you’re getting the phone, device protection, and service for as low as $35/month. Not awful.

Subscription Pricing Breakdown

As for the device upgrade, it’s not as awesome as it might sound. After the two years is up, users are allowed to keep their Pixel 4a and then automatically enter into a new subscription plan for whatever new Pixel phone Google Fi is offering.

After 24 monthly payments, you fully own your phone. At that time, you decide if you want to stay in the program and receive the next device in the subscription program as an upgrade. If you don’t upgrade, your monthly payment reduces to device protection only.

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