Verizon’s LG Velvet and V60 Next Up to Get Nationwide 5G Access (Updated)

LG Velvet

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Earlier this week, Verizon and Samsung began pushing updates to a number of devices that enabled access to the carrier’s new nationwide 5G network. Today, LG tells us that it’ll add support through an update over the “next few days.”

If you own an LG Velvet or V60, be on the lookout for an update. Once you get it and reboot, you should then start to see a 5G logo when connected to a Verizon tower that pushes a 5G signal.

Again, we are talking about low-band 5G here, not Verizon’s 5G mmW. These two phones can already access 5G mmW and will show a 5G UWB or 5G UW icon when that level of connectivity is active.

Once the updates and their changelogs go live, we’ll let you know.

UPDATE: We’ve got build numbers! Also, the update brings the September Android patch to each phone.

  • LG V60: V600VM10i
  • LG Velvet: G900VM10e



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