Peak Design Made a Bunch of Sweet Phone Mounts and Accessories

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We talked about Peak Design on occasion, mostly when doing round-ups of our favorite products during the holiday season. Today, we’re talking about the innovative bag maker for another reason – mobile phone accessories! Peak Design introduced a new Kickstarter campaign today that brings in a case, magnetic connector system, and a bunch of sweet mounts and products that work with it. All of it looks awesome.

Peak Design, for those not familiar, is mostly known as a bag company who found early success by making camera bags with all sorts of crazy design ideas. They’ve since branched into various other bag areas and make a bunch of camera accessories too, but this is the first big mobile line-up.

Mobile by Peak Design is the official name and it starts with a supported phone case that PD made, along with an adapter that is for those interested who don’t have a supported phone for the case. As of today, they are only making the case for iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and Galaxy S20 devices. That could change, but this is where the start is. Again, if you don’t own one of those, you can buy Universal Adapter, which attaches to your phone via adhesive and can then work with all of the other products.

Once you’ve decided which product you need to start, you get to choose from all of the sweet stuff that completes the line. There is a mobile tripod that attaches to the mount mechanism via magnets, a wallet accessory that doubles as a phone stand, car mount that can enable charging, two different bike mounts, wall magnet mounts, a wireless charging stand with adjustable positioning, a motorcycle mount, and a kit that lets you attach to tripods, GoPro mounts, etc.

Some of the devices attach via magnet only, while others lock in place (like the bike mounts), plus all of the products were thoughtfully designed and often include more than a single use.

To back this project, which is scheduled to deliver in May 2021, you can start with the magnetic adapter option for $16 or the case option for $32. From there, you can add-on accessories during checkout.

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