Just Ask Google to Find Voting Locations, Ballot Drop Boxes

Google Maps Voting

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The 2020 election is quickly approaching, so to help make sure everyone knows when and where they can vote, Google has added handy search tools to Google Search.

By searching for things like “early voting locations” or “ballot drop boxes near me,” Google will surface related information to each term. If they are able to find drop boxes or voting locations, you’ll be able to tap on those to get directions, find out how far away they are, and what their hours may be.

Soon (and we hope it’s really soon), Google says that you’ll be able to say  “Hey Google, where do I vote?” to get Assistant to help you with all of your localized voting details, including on your smart display.

Google is able to provide all of this info to you, thanks to The Voting Information Project (VIP) and Democracy Works, where their combined info should be able to show up to 200,000 voting locations across the US. If you live in a location where Google hasn’t surfaced precise info, they’ll still show you local election websites to help you get the election info you were looking for.

Please, everyone, make sure to vote.

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