Google Messages Plans Clean-Up of All Those Passcodes Filling Your Inbox

Google Messages OTP

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Having some level of additional security on the dozens of online accounts we access throughout a day or week or month is so important. It feels at times like our data is never safe, but requiring a passcode or something similar to login to your bank or email or text app or home security system can help a lot. The problem there is that our text message inboxes are constantly filled up with one time passcodes (OTP). Google might have a brilliant solution to help with that.

In a recent Google Messages app build, the folks at XDA discovered code that hints at an upcoming feature that will try and clean-up your message inbox by deleting those OTPs.

The app will attempt to recognize an OTP and then auto-delete it within 24 hours. It looks like users will be prompted to allow this action to happen (which you should), or they could say “no thanks” if they really like seeing dozens and dozens of one time passcodes that can never be used again because most are time sensitive or no longer work once used.

I just took a look through my Google Messages and Voice apps, and yeah, 90% of the messages in there are OTPs. With 2nd forms of authentication required for most services these days (please turn them all on, folks), I’d imagine your inboxes could look similar.

Google, feel free to fast track this feature – I could use the help.

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