Amazon Intros New Line of Echo Devices, Including $249 Echo Show 10

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If you run an Alexa household, versus a Google Assistant household, today is your day. Amazon announced a new lineup of Echo (4th Gen) devices, which includes a new Echo Dot, Echo Dot With Clock, Echo Dot Kids Edition, standard Echo, and Echo Show 10.

The Echo Dot is the smaller, cheaper model of the new Echo lineup. It’s basically the same Echo experience you know and love, but now it comes in sphere form. Coming to 3 different colors, it costs $49 and features a 1.6-inch front speaker. The Dot With Clock is the same thing, but comes with an LED clock display for an additional $10. The $59 Dot Kids Edition comes with a year of Amazon Kids+, plus other interactive goodies for kids.

All of these Echo devices remind us heavily of the Nexus Q. Good times.

Echo (4th Gen)

The device that intrigues us the most is this Echo Show 10. Think of it as a Nest Hub Max, but Amazon has gone ahead and slapped a motor in this thing, giving it the ability to swivel to follow a user around, just like those Portal+ devices NSA-backed surveillance systems from Facebook. It has a 10.1″ display, camera for video calls, nice big speaker for jamming tunes, plus all of the control interfaces you’ll need for your smart home.

If you want to pick one of these items up, they’re all up for pre-order right now, with shipping expected in late October, early November. The Echo Show 10 is marked as “coming soon.”

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