Google Assistant Gets Workday Routine, Adds More Lights to Gentle Sleep-Wake

Google Assistant Workday

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So many of us have tried to fully adjust to a work life at home after the pandemic forced everyone from their offices months ago. As a way to bring a bit of normalcy back to your work day, Google Assistant is getting a new routine to send you reminders throughout a day to do things like get up and stretch, go get some water, and to start wrapping up for the day.

The new Google Assistant routine should start rolling out this week. To access it, you’ll open Google Assistant settings, then the “Assistant” tab, and then find “Routines.” Once live, the new workday routine should be in the list of ready-made options.

Google says that you’ll be able to tweak all of the settings for the routine, but will also offer up a pre-set lists of actions. To start, the routine will give you voice reminders for some of the stuff I mentioned above, plus it will tell you the time. This might sound somewhat silly, but again, anything to help us adjust to this new normal.

In addition to the workday routine, Google is rolling out a Gentle Sleep and Wake feature for all smart lights that will help you go to bed and wake up easier. This feature currently works with Philips Hue lights by slowly dimming or brightening, but will now work with other light brands.

To use this command (if you aren’t already), try saying “Hey Google, sleep my lights” or “Hey Google, wake my lights at 7am” to get the dimming or brightening effect going.

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