If You Break Your Pixel 4a, uBreakiFix is the Official Place to Go

Google Pixel 4a

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Should you happen to bust your brand new Pixel 4a (review here), note that Google recommends you take it to a uBreakiFix location. This announcement follows a history of the company recommending buyers take their Pixel devices to this repairer.

As uBreakiFix notes, “Each uBreakiFix store is equipped with Google-trained technicians to provide authorized repair service for cracked screens and other technical issues using genuine OEM parts.”

It should also be noted that uBreakiFix offers authorized in- and out-of-warranty repairs for the Pixel 3a lineup and beyond, as well as out-of-warranty repairs for Pixel, Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 series devices. Basically, if you have a busted Pixel phone, this is the spot to go.

Peeking at pricing, a screen replacement for the Pixel 4a will run you an estimated $140. My suggestion is, try not to break your brand new phone.

uBreakiFix Store Locator



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