Wednesday Question: How Much Internal Storage Do You Need?

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This year on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Samsung downsized the amount of internal base storage from the Galaxy Note 10+, including just 128GB of storage versus last year’s 256GB. This apparently didn’t sit too well with potential buyers, as they brought up in our recent Note 20 Ultra review, but it makes us wonder just how much internal storage you actually need on your phone.

For the starting price of $1299, I get why some folks could see this as an issue, but I’m curious if this move actually affected a great number of people. Using myself as an example, having used the phone for well over a week now, my Note 20 Ultra is currently sitting at 88GB of available storage. There’s 21GB dedicated to the system, 2GB of videos and photos, 1.2GB of games, plus 10GB of other apps and miscellaneous data. 88GB seems like plenty of storage to carry around, but we all live different lives and what works for me may not work for you.

Back in December of 2018, which was not that long ago, we asked our readers how much internal storage was enough. The results are surprising, considering what we’re hearing from folks these days. Back then, people said all they needed was 64GB to 128GB of storage, with 256GB and 512GB options not receiving many votes. Have your storage needs really changed all that much in a year and a half?

So, out of curiosity, how much internal storage do you need? Do you have hundreds of apps? Thousands of videos? I need to know!



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