Google Pixel 4a: First 10 Things To Do!

Pixel 4a First 10 Things To Do

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When your Google Pixel 4a pre-orders start arriving in a week and you look around, hoping someone will guide you through turning one into an efficient little $350 beast, we’ve got you covered. This is our Pixel 4a “First 10 Things To Do” video!

In this clip, we do indeed dive into a lot of basics for the Pixel 4a to help get it setup and ready for a future with it by your side. Sure, some of the suggestions here are a given, being Android and not necessarily new, but these are the items we think will bring long-lasting success.

We run through fingerprint reader setup and tips, how to use both navigation and feature gestures, finding everything in the camera, which display settings to use, the importance of the quick settings panel, and more.

Oh and don’t worry, our Pixel 4a review will be along shortly.



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