DEAL: Anker’s New Eufy Smart Lock With Fingerprint Reader is $50 Off

Eufy Smart Lock Deal

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Eufy, which is the Anker sub-brand that sells a bunch of smart home products, is hosting a sale right now in their brand new smart lock. Smart locks may be a dime-a-dozen these days, but this one is unique in the fact that it has a fingerprint reader to help you quickly unlock your door. At $50 off, I know this is tempting me.

The eufy Security Smart Lock Touch (official name!) normally runs at $249.99, so right now it’s down to $199.99.

The big sell, as I just mentioned,  is the fingerprint unlock where you train the unit to read your fingers, giving you unlock access without a key or needing to remember your passcode. The fingerprint data is stored locally, not in the cloud, by the way. Should you not find that reliable or trustworthy, you can still unlock this lock using the eufy app and Bluetooth, or by typing out a code on the unit’s key pad.

This device also features IP65 water and dust resistance,  as well as automatically locking when it recognizes you have closed the door.

If you need a downside, this unit does not have WiFi, so you can’t remotely unlock from anywhere. You either need to be close by with Bluetooth, know the passcode, or have a registered fingerprint. I’m not sure why they didn’t build that in, but that’s the situation.

No code is needed to get the $50 discount.

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