Dark Sky Alternatives on Android: Overdrop, Today, and Appy Weather

Dark Sky Android Alternatives

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The saddest Android-related news in a while dropped today, thanks to Apple (of course). Dark Sky, the hyperlocal weather app so many of us use for real-time weather changes, has been acquired by Apple and will cease to exist on Android come July 1. Apple is a meanieface once again.

The end of Dark Sky has already sparked so many of you to ask for alternatives that could replace the incredible app that was Dark Sky. While I’m not sure there will ever be an equal, we do have a number of options to turn to.

Dark Sky Alternatives on Android

The biggest thing to look for in a weather replacements for Dark Sky on Android is whether or not they have access to the Dark Sky API, which isn’t dying yet. That’s right, unlike the Android app that dies on July 1, the Dark Sky API isn’t going anywhere until the end of 2021. So if you find an app that’s powered by Dark Sky, they’ll get that hyperlocal weather access until the end of next year.

Below, we’ve put together a short list of Dark Sky alternatives that have access to that API, look great, and may even have better widgets than the official Dark Sky app.

Overdrop Weather & Alerts

Overdrop Weather

This is the app I’m going to give a decent amount of run to for the foreseeable future. Not only does it provide Dark Sky weather, you can switch it between Accuweather and Weatherbit if you want, should you love it and want to continue using it come the end of 2021.

It has a really nice looking UI with real-time weather data, 24-hour and 7-hour forecasts, severe condition alerts, 6 different themes, and one hell of a list of widgets. Seriously, you may want to pay the subscription just for the long list of widgets.

Overdrop is both free and paid, with 3 different paid tiers depending on your budget.

Google Play Link: Overdrop

Today Weather

Today Weather

Today is a popular weather app already, but it too supports Dark Sky. You can also choose from Accuweather, Foreca, National Weather Service, and more.

You’ll find 24/7 weather forecasts, air quality info and a pollen count, severe weather alerts, radar, and several widgets. It also features a really clean and minimal UI that is a pleasure to look at with dark and light themes.

Google Play Link: Today

Appy Weather

Appy Weather

Appy Weather is a fun weather app with a playful design that actually won a Google Design award. The minute you open it, you’ll know why, with it’s easy-to-digest info at a glance that is both minimal and bubbly.

Appy also offers widgets and notifications, temperature in the status bar, lockscreen weather reports, and radar, but you’ll have to subscribe for those. You’ll get a light-on-info experience without subscribing. A subscription runs $3.99 per year. That’s pretty reasonable.

Google Play Link: Appy Weather

Shadow Weather

Shadow Weather

Shadow probably reminds me the most of Dark Sky from a UI standpoint. It’s darker, though there is a theme switcher, but the fonts and style just look familiar.

You’ll get detailed forecasts, access to that Dark Sky API, notifications, and more. If you want background updates, radar, and calendar integration, you’ll have to subscribe for $4.99 per year.

Google Play Link: Shadow Weather

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