Verizon Launches LTE Home Internet to Serve Rural Customers

Verizon LTE Home

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Verizon has taken a page out of T-Mobile’s playbook this week with an announcement for new home internet serviced that uses their LTE network. Called LTE Home Internet, Verizon is giving rural customers a new internet option with a lower price for their own subscribers.

To start, customers in Savannah, GA, Springfield, MO, and Tri Cities, TN/VA/KY, can sign-up or at least check to see if they are covered. I’d imagine if these first few areas go well, Verizon will expand across this country.

Verizon’s LTE Home Internet costs $40/mo for Verizon Wireless customers or $60/mo for non-customers if they have autopay. Without autopay, each of those monthly prices goes up by $10/mo. On top of that cost, Verizon forces you to buy their LTE Home Router, which costs $240. However, if you buy the router through a 2-year contract device payment plan at $10/mo, they’ll wipe that cost out as a monthly credit.

As for internet speeds, Verizon says to expect typical speeds of 25Mbps down, with peak speeds hitting 50Mbps. They haven’t provided upload speeds at this time. There are (supposedly) no data usage caps.

If interested and you live in one of those areas, you can sign-up below and prepare for what should be a pretty easy self-installation.

Sign-up for Verizon LTE Home

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