Google is Bringing a Bunch of Games to Smart Displays

Google Smart Display Games

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That Google smart display with Google Assistant that you tucked into a bookshelf, on your kitchen counter, or within arm’s reach on your desk, is now your new gaming buddy. Google announced a big line-up of visual-based games that are coming soon, so you’ll have more to do than just ask for the weather.

Games aren’t necessarily new to Google Assistant devices, but a smart display gives you a more interactive, immersive experience since you can see and touch whatever you are playing. Think trivia games where you can read the answers and tap the correct one, a drawing game where you guess the object, or…Jeopardy! Yes, Jeopardy is coming.

To start, Google has a small line-up of games you can try and play today (there could be a few day rollout), but their plan is to continue to add to the list. Here are some of the games you might want to test out first:

  • Guess the Drawing: As the name suggests, you watch as a drawing is completed and then try and shoutout whatever it is to your smart display. There are new drawings to guess each day, plus you can play against others in party mode.
  • Jeopardy: It’s freakin’ Jeopardy, you know what this is and how it works.
  • Who Wants to be a Millionaire: Same thing as Jeopardy, I’m assuming you know what this is.
  • Trivia Crack: The popular trivia game that Tim probably still plays, is now on your smart display.
  • MadLibs: Instead of filling in the blanks with all of those dirty words you used as a kid, you can do so now and tell immature stories through Google Assistant.
  • Escape the Room: It’s like an escape room, only in your kitchen and on a display.
  • Talk to the Wiggles: A choose your own adventure game where you can sing along and play additional games.

To get going, just say “Hey Google, let’s play a game.”

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