Google Camera Teardown Hints at Upcoming Features, No Pixel 5 XL

Pixel 3 Camera

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Quite a bit of news is stemming from a recent Google Camera apk teardown from the good folks at 9to5Google. In this teardown, where devoted code diggers dig through code to discover any little thing that might be new, we’re learning about upcoming features for the Camera app itself, as well as further confirmation that anyone hoping for a Pixel 5 XL this year may be in for a bit of sad news.

For new features, there’s actually a solid list. Thanks to the code seen, we’re now expecting a dedicated Motion Blur function that may or may not be launching soon, audio zoom functionality for video recording, flash intensity settings, as well as quick video sharing options similar to what we have now for photos.

There are no official descriptions for what to expect with these modes, but thankfully, their names are pretty self descriptive.

As for the Pixel 5 XL note, this build of the Camera app references just three Pixel phones for 2020 — Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G, and Pixel 5. For XL fans such as myself, this is disheartening. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard this, though, so we should be getting over it by now. Yes, we can still be confused, but we have to let it go eventually.

Regardless, the main takeaway from this is is that Google’s Camera app is getting better. We aren’t sure if Google will continue to be king on the mobile photography mountain, but for the time being, Pixel phones still offer some of the best shots out there for a phone.

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