Samsung and Google Working Deal That Could Lead to Galaxy Apps Store, Bixby’s End


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Samsung and Google are reported to be working on a deal that would bring about the end of the Galaxy Apps Store and Bixby. The global revenue-sharing deal, with the terms of which are hoped to be finalized by the end of this week, would mean we’d see Google Assistant, Google Search, and Google Play highlighted more prominently on Samsung devices across the globe.

This move from Samsung could stem from a significant dip in device sales, with the company looking to bring in revenue from all possible avenues. As we know, Google has no issues paying for the right to be everybody’s favorite search engine and data collection company.

In a statement following the reports, originating with Bloomberg, Samsung says it remains committed to its ecosystem.

In our eyes, the deal would allow Samsung to stop pumping resources into services hardly anyone uses and no one talks about. While Samsung keeps everything it makes from these services, there’s no way either of them have been profitable, right? If Samsung lets Google start paying them big money, while also giving its customers a better experience in Assistant and Google Play, that’s a win-win.

Please, do the deal, Samsung.

// Reuters | Bloomberg



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