You Can Already Reserve Your Galaxy Note 20

Galaxy Unpacked Note 20

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Samsung intends to unveil the Galaxy Note 20 lineup on August 5, and on that day or shortly after, Samsung will open up pre-orders. To help give Samsung an idea about demand, they are now taking reservations for the device on its website.

It’s a simple form, the same thing they’ve done the past couple of years. You just give them an email and let them know if you have a trade-in or not. You don’t put money down or promise you’ll buy the phone. There’s zero obligation involved. However, if you do reserve and end up purchasing, it looks like Samsung will give you $50 in Samsung credit, good towards the purchase of an accessory or another device. Do note, you can’t use that $50 towards the purchase of your Galaxy Note 20 device.

If you’re curious about which Note 20 might be right for you, I can already tell you which model not to get. We recently learned that Samsung may opt not to include a display capable of higher than 60Hz refresh rate on the smaller Note 20 model, and at the price of a Galaxy Note phone, that’s simply unacceptable and a total deal breaker in our books. It should be in yours, too. We’ll gladly die on this hill.

So, yeah, if you want a Note 20, we suppose you’re limited to getting the Ultra. It’ll hurt your wallet, but us Note fans are totally used to that now, right?

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