Gorilla Glass Victus Sounds Like It Might Actually Protect Your Phone

Gorilla Glass Victus

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Corning, who is sort of like the Qualcomm of smartphone glass, announced their new Gorilla Glass product today that will help protect the next generation of smartphones and other devices. Called Gorilla Glass Victus, this sounds like a dramatic improvement over other glass coverings and also Corning’s own Gorilla Glass 6.

Victus has up-to 2 meters of drop resistance onto hard, rough surfaces and up to 2x improvement in scratch resistance over Gorilla Glass 6. When compared to aluminosilicate glasses from competitors, we’re talking 4x better scratch resistance.

I wish there was more to share here, because this stuff is probably interesting from a science perspective, but those really are the two things to take away. Gorilla Glass Victus might survive a big pocket drop and it should scratch even less than your current phone. That’s cool!

Corning announced today that Samsung will be the first to adopt Victus “in the near future.” I’m guessing the Galaxy Note 20 series has it.

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