Video: OnePlus Nord Unboxing and Tour!

OnePlus Nord Unboxing Tour

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Now that you know how much OnePlus Nord costs, where and when you can buy it, and how US users will be able to battle to the death for one, we thought we’d show you what we have in house. Ready for a little OnePlus Nord unboxing action?

We’ll get to a review down the road, but for now, we’ve got OnePlus Nord in Blue Marble to take you on a tour of. In this video, we’ll reveal the Nord box with blue accent, dive into a hardware spin-around of Nord, show the specs and a bit of the OxygenOS experience, and more.

Guys, I might fanboy a little bit here at the color and the package OnePlus is selling at such an incredible price, so be gentle with me. You want one, though, right?



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