OnePlus Buds to Deliver 7 Hours of Usage, 30 Hours With Included Case

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We assume because COVID-19 has ruined in-person events, OnePlus is doing that beloved thing of slowly teasing features for its new devices. Earlier today it was showing off the OnePlus Nord design via MKBHD, but also today, they’re detailing aspects of their upcoming OnePlus Buds.

According to a somewhat lengthy blog post, the OnePlus Buds are said to hit a “sweet spot” with regard to performance and pricing. As detailed, the OnePlus Buds will deliver 7 hours of battery life on a single charge, capable of up to 30 hours of playback with the included case. Compared to similar products, that’s not too shabby.

With the OnePlus Buds, we wanted to take away some of the “anxiety” that comes with that unpredictability. Here, we gave the OnePlus Buds industry-leading battery life.

To be specific, they are good for over seven hours of continuous use, and can be fully topped up more than three times from just their charging case, giving you up to 30 hours of use before you have to plug in again.

Beyond just that, OnePlus details the overall experience they’re striving for, which would be effortless and burdenless. Good words right there. With that being said, though, they do want to make the Buds special for OnePlus phone owners. To accomplish this, as an example, when in gaming mode on your OnePlus device, the OnePlus Buds achieve ultra-low latency, “approaching the speed of wired headphones.”

We still don’t have pricing for the OnePlus Buds, and considering how huge the range is for pricing on this type of product, I wouldn’t feel confident taking a guess. However, I will guess and say they’re sub-$100. AirPod knockoffs shouldn’t cost more than that.

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