Samsung Galaxy A51, A71 Get Select Galaxy S20 Features

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Samsung announced this week that its sending select features from the Galaxy S20 out to owners of the Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71. While we can’t tell you exactly when you’ll see these new features arrive on your mid-range Samsung device, since that all depends on who is in charge of your phone’s updates, we can tell you what you’ll find once the update arrives.

Inside the camera for the A51 and A71, owners will soon see Single Take, a feature straight from Samsung’s high-end smartphones. With Single Take, the phone cameras multiple types of photos/videos, such as Live Focus, Smart Crop, video, and AI filter. Once captured, you can go back and select which you like best and save it to your Gallery app. Additionally, Manual Focus and Shutter Speed controls are coming, which is huge news for those who take mobile photography seriously.

For those who like to share, Samsung is providing the Galaxy S20’s Quick Share and Music Share functions. They work pretty seamlessly, so long as your friend also has a Samsung device.¬†When viewing media in the Gallery app and you want to share it with a friend, you can use Quick Share to see which users are nearby. By tapping the icon, you can select one or more people to share media with.

If you’re ready to share a bit of music, there’s Music Share. To access, swipe down on the Quick Panel and tap on the Music Share icon. From here you can quickly share music to another user’s Bluetooth speaker.

There’s plenty else that Samsung highlights, so if you own an A51 or A71, check out the full announcement by clicking the link below.

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