Google Maps is Starting to Show Traffic Lights on Android

Google Maps Traffic Lights-2

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With the launch of iOS 13 a year ago, Apple introduced a feature into Apple Maps that even Google Maps had yet to implement. Apple added traffic lights and stop signs, both of which would give drivers an extra bit of info as they navigate to their next location. Up until now, Google Maps has yet to add this feature, but one of our readers may have uncovered the first signs of it on the way.

As you will see throughout the images in this post, Google appears to be adding traffic lights to Maps and will show them both while navigating and while browsing around. The little traffic lights icon isn’t that easy to see just yet and Google doesn’t seem to be actively letting users know about lights, but the icons could be a start to more meaningful info.

Google Maps Traffic Lights

From what our reader has shared, the icons do grow in size a bit while navigating, but Google Maps isn’t yet including them in the list of instructions, highlighting their place along your route, etc. Apple Maps is doing that, and will shout them out through Siri should you come to a turn that’s at a light or stop sign.

You can probably imagine how handy it might be to know if your route is filled with either stop signs or traffic lights. If you are pressed for time, avoiding a string of lights could be beneficial.

Again, this looks like something that Google is slowly adding or testing, as I can’t find anyone else with traffic lights showing. They are showing to our reader through Google Maps build 10.44.3. I am not seeing them on Google Maps beta 10.45.0.

Google Maps Traffic Lights

Google Maps Traffic Lights

Anyone else seeing traffic lights in Google Maps?

Cheers Justin!



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