Verizon Prepaid is Running Crazy Discounts Right Now

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For those of you looking for a good wireless plan deal that won’t lock you into a contract, Verizon Prepaid has the goods at the moment. With a couple of combined promos, you can get a plan with 16GB monthly data for as low as $35/mo or unlimited for just $55/mo.

This current Verizon Prepaid deal is doing a couple of things you need to understand. Depending on the plan, the data amount could be a part of a double data deal, while the low monthly plan price starts after the first month and forces you to turn-on autopay. Still, these prices are almost too good.

Verizon Prepaid Deals Explained

To clarify here, the data on the 16GB-$35 plan is a part of Verizon’s seemingly never-ending double data promo. The plan typically carries just 8GB data, but Verizon is doubling that to 16GB and should let you keep that data as long as your line remains active. The second thing to know is that the $35/mo price starts in month two, with the first month costing you $50. Also, that $35/mo price is given from both a $10/mo promotional credit you’ll see each month before you are billed and a $5 autopay discount.

For the $55/mo unlimited Verizon Prepaid plan, the same situation mostly applies. There is no double data, because you have unlimited, but this plan gets the $10/mo promo credit and $5 autopay discount, which drops it from $70/mo to $55. Like the plan above, you will pay the full $70 for your first month before seeing it drop to $55/mo.

Once again, you pay the normal monthly price for the first month, then get up to $15 off each month with a credit and autopay discount. That all make sense?

The deal is a “limited time” promo and an online exclusive, so you’ll have to make this happen through that link below.

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