Google Photos Ends Trial of $8/Month Print Subscription Service

Google Photos

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Back in February, Google Photos launched the ability to subscribe to a $8/month printing service that would send you physical pictures once a month, taken from your Photos library. The service was launched as a trial, and according to a message sent out to users this week, the trial has ended and will be no longer available as of June 30.

Google sent the following out to those who were signed up for the trial.

Thank you for your invaluable feedback these last several months. You have provided us with a lot of helpful information about how we can evolve this feature, which we hope to make more widely available. Please keep your eyes open for future updates.

Although we will be ending the trial program, we hope that you have experienced some joy from the prints you received along the way.

We’ll let you know when/if it gets comes back. Hard to imagine anyone staying subscribed to something like this in the middle of a pandemic where millions are unemployed, but hey, who knows.

Cheers Jared!



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