Google Wants You to Pay $8/Month for Auto-Printed Photos

google photos

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Google Photos is currently trialing a new subscription service in the US, where users pay a monthly fee and Google goes ahead and automatically prints out your best photos and ships them to you in a little cardboard envelope. You can do whatever you want with the photos, like hang them on the fridge or gift them to people.

According to the Google Photos listing, which appears to be only visible to a small number of people to begin with, the company will send you ten prints automatically selected from your last month of photos. The service is listed at $8/month and you’ll get ten 4×6 pictures per month printed on white matte cardstock that has a 1/8-inch border.

Google Photos has always been a relatively smart place to store your photos, with the service offering to auto edit photos and intelligently compile animations and videos from your albums. While Google Photos wants to continue all of that automation with this subscription service, it will allow users to edit and choose what kind of photos to print. To start, there appears to be three categories: Mostly people and pets, Mostly landscapes, and A little bit of everything.

I checked my own Google Photos profile and don’t see this trial yet, but I could see myself giving it a shot. I can’t get enough pictures of my animals. $8/month, though? That’s a little steep.

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