I Don’t Know That You Should Ever Buy a Motorola Razr, But It’s $500 Off

Motorola Razr

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The foldable Motorola Razr is, at least in my opinion, a bad phone. Outside of the absurd price, the phone is deeply unpleasant to use, mostly because smartphones don’t work well in old flip phone designs, as those were built for a time without advanced features, big screens, and long periods of usage.

With that said, if for some reason you live for nostalgia and want a foldable smartphone that will bring back memories of your old Razr flip phone, you can grab one with a $500 discount. That brings the starting price to $999 for both black and gold versions on Motorola’s store.

As a reminder, the Razr is locked to Verizon, so don’t plan on using the device elsewhere.

Is there a price point that I would recommend you buy a Razr, since it’s clear that I don’t think $500-off is good enough? Umm, no. This first foldable Razr is not a phone I’d ever tell you to buy no matter the price.

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