Google Shutting Down Pigeon, Its Crowd-Sourced Transit App

Google Pigeon Transit

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There is a good chance that you have never heard of Pigeon, the crowd-sourced transit app from Google’s Area 120, because it was a limited service only available on iOS in a select group of cities. And now, thanks to the global pandemic we are currently living through, you’ll never get to try it. Pigeon is shutting down on June 24.

Google, in a brief statement on the Pigeon website, explained that as an Area 120 project, this was indeed an experiment. As an experiment like so many others from Google’s Area 120 group, there is always a chance that they will not succeed and that’s what happened with Pigeon. Unfortunately, Pigeon failed because of “this unprecedented time due to COVID-19” not necessarily because it wasn’t a great service.

There were plans to bring it to Android one day, but those plans have now been scrapped. Google has no plans to reboot Pigeon should we ever make it out of this pandemic.

If you are a Pigeon user and want your data, you’ll be able to request it through the app by clicking on the icon in the top left corner and inputting your email. If you don’t do that before June 24th shutdown, Google will delete all data related to the service.

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