New Sonos S2 App Arrives, Time to Make Some Decisions

New Sonos S2 App

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The new Sonos app (dubbed “Sonos S2“) is here, so if you own Sonos products, depending on the level of support they have been given going forward, you have some decisions to make.

We talked at length about the new Sonos S2 app in early May and you will want to read that post if you are a Sonos owner who owns products from various years. In case you forgot about this release, this is the new app that will cut off select older Sonos products, could impact your entire system as it relates to updates, and might force you into using both the old (now called Sonos S1) and new app. It’s also the default controller app going forward that you will want to use if possible.

If you are all caught up on how the S2 update impacts your system, the by all means, dive right into that link below and get the new app. It brings better sound to some speakers, should have an improved UI, and more.

If you aren’t sure what the hell Sonos S2 is and if all of your Sonos products are supported, again, read this post.

As someone with both older non-supported and newer still-supported Sonos products, I can tell you that the new app won’t even let me in at the moment. It recognizes that I have older products and is telling me to either continue using the old S1 app or setup an entirely new Sonos system using S2. I’m hoping that removing the older products will let me simply make the switch without having to setup again, but we’ll see! Ahhh, Sonos.

Google Play Link: Sonos for Android



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