Verizon Open Enrollment is Here if You Need Phone Insurance


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At least once per year, Verizon runs an open enrollment period where you can add insurance to your devices well after you purchased them. Because not everyone wants to commit to insuring a device and the added monthly cost out of the gate, these enrollment periods are your chance to do so later on. Verizon just opened an enrollment period.

If interested, you can subscribe to plans like Total Mobile Protection (TMP), which covers loss, damage, theft, post-warranty defects, a tech coach, and 24/7 claims for $15/mo. Verizon also offers Verizon Protect, which is everything in Total Mobile Protection plus access to Digital Secure and Call Filter. It costs $17/mo.

Since those prices are insane, you may want to know if there are other options. There are!

Verizon offers Total Equipment Coverage (TEC) for $11/mo, Wireless Phone Protection (WPP) for $6.85/mo, and Extended Warranty for $5/mo.

All of those plans offer varying levels of coverage, but if we’re being honest here, Wireless Phone Protection is probably good enough for most people. It’s under $7/mo, gets you next-day replacement phones, has the same limits on claim numbers as other more expensive plans, includes unlimited cracked-screen repairs, and more. The only things it really lacks are battery replacements and those silly tech coach and Verizon Protect apps.

To check out all of Verizon’s plans, head over to their Device Protection – Insurance Comparison Chart.

Once you’ve decided which plan, you should be able to choose from within your My Verizon account. Open enrollment ends on July 20.



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