You Can Now Request Early Access to Transfer Your Play Music Library to YouTube Music

YouTube Music Transfer

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Many Google Play Music users are currently awaiting a tool to go live to help them transfer their music libraries over to YouTube Music. If you want to try to speed up getting access to that tool, Google has published a request form to get your name down on the list of users who’d like to receive early access.

While this is nice, it’s also dumb.

To request access, simply provide Google with your email address and country of residence. Google will take it from there.¬†As the company notes, “this form does not guarantee you earlier access to the new Google Play Music transfer tool, but is only a way for you to share your interest with the team.”

So, yeah, you can expect to likely hear nothing for quite some time. That’s the Google way. Why not just start rolling out the tool as soon as it was announced, Google? Why are we making people wait longer and allowing for this early access nonsense? Seriously, just hurry the f*ck up with this and get it over.

Request Early Access Here

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