Get HBO Max at Discounted Price of $12/Month When You Pre-Order

HBO Max Price

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HBO Max is still scheduled for launch on May 27. In what we assume is an attempt to entice more people to sign up, HBO is offering a discounted rate to those who pre-order the service. What was detailed to be a $14.99/month subscription can be yours for just $11.99/month for 12 months should you decide to pre-order. That’s a decent savings of $3/month.

Looking over the fine print, there isn’t too much to detail. HBO says that once the 12 months is up, you’ll be back on the regular $14.99/month price. Additionally, the company says new and returning HBO NOW subscribers can take advantage.

If you’re wondering about the latest service from HBO, we have all of the details here. The highlights include more than 2,000 movies to watch within the first year, with shows like Southpark and The West Wing coming within 12 months. Some of the big movies available will include The Matrix, Lord of the Rings, The Goonies, all the LEGO movies, and the DC film collection (ex: every Batman and Superman). It’s actually a solid list of titles, perfect for keeping us busy during the extended shut-in orders.

Have at it.

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