Lost Your New Pixel Buds Already? New Fast Pair Feature Helps Find Them

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In late 2017, Google introduced Fast Pair, making Bluetooth connections happen more quickly and effortlessly on your supported devices. This week, with the launch of Pixel Buds, Google is detailing new features for Fast Pair, which includes the ability to find lost accessories, battery level notifications, and more.

Starting now on supported devices, should you misplace an earbud or set of headphones, Fast Pair will let you ring the missing accessory, hopefully leading you to finding it. For true wireless earbuds, you’ll be able to choose which side bud to ring — right or left. Google also notes that in the coming months, you’ll be able to use the Find My Device app to locate missing items.

Another new feature is battery notifications for supported devices. When paired, your phone will detail the battery levels for connected devices. For supported buds, it will show each right and left bud’s battery level, and when supported, will also show the case’s battery level.

Google says that the new Pixel Buds and the Harmon Kardon FLY buds will be the first to support these new features, but many more devices are on the way.

Are you planning on picking up a pair of Pixel Buds?

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