Just When I Thought LG Velvet Might be Special


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LG’s upcoming Velvet was supposed to be different. Designed with nature and raindrops in mind, the line was supposed to be a reimagining of what LG offered the smartphone world with regard to hardware experience. Apparently, I was completely wrong.

According to a tweet from leaker @Boby25846908 on Twitter, a spotting for a potential Dual Screen accessory for Velvet has been posted, so it appears that LG isn’t completely ready to give up on its Dual Screen ambitions. Not that this is terrible or even bad by any means, as I’m sure a few folks out there love their little Dual Screen attachments, but I assumed Velvet was the start of something completely new and LG would scrap all of its past ideas. You know, because they don’t really sell too well. Numbers don’t lie, people.

I’d be fine if LG wanted to keep making Dual Screen accessories for the V series, as that would make complete sense given its stuff & things nature. But damn it, enough with the crummy accessories. Make Velvet the only device you need, LG! My own Dual Screen experience from the V60 is fine, but I don’t see it as a mass appeal item that every owner would want.

I don’t know, I might be overreacting. Did anyone else here think Velvet was the start of something new from LG? This accessory means more of the same and that’s bad for LG.

// @Boby25846908



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