Yes! “Hey Google” Sensitivity Setting is Rolling Out

Hey Google Sensitivity

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Triggering your Google Home or phone with “Hey Google” commands will soon be further under your control. Google is currently rolling out a sensitivity setting that will allow you to adjust the responsiveness of the Assistant command.

The new option will be found within Assistant’s “Device settings” area for each of your Assistant-equipped devices. It will be labeled “‘Hey Google’ sensitivity” and include 3 different options. Your speakers can be set to “least sensitive,” default, and “most sensitive” that all sound pretty self-explanatory. I’d imagine “most sensitive” means anything even close to “Hey Google” will fire up the Assistant.

Google first acknowledged this sensitivity feature back in September of last year and must think it’s ready for everyone. According to The Verge, Google has started to “roll out gradually” the new setting.

You seeing it yet?

// The Verge



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