Totallee Launches $99 UV Phone Sanitizer (Doubles as Wireless Charger) Pre-Order, Ships Mid-April

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Totallee, makers of minimal phone cases that we happen to love, announced a new type of product this week, one that aims to combat germs on your phone and charge it once it’s clean. Given the current situation taking place around the globe, we’d say that’s good timing.

The device is called the UV Phone Sanitizer, and if you’re unfamiliar with this tech, it’s what another company, PhoneSoap, has been making for some time now. To explain, using a lightbulb that emits UVB and UVC rays, you can kill germs and bacteria living on the surface of a phone. Do note, Totallee currently has no way to test this device’s effectiveness versus COVID-19.

Here’s a look at cross section of the unit. The phone will fit inside the internal chamber, below the wireless charging coil you see at the top.

Here is a brief feature overview of the device. As Totallee details, it can be used for cleaning more than just your phone, able to fit things ike keys, AirPods, and wallets.

Feature Overview

  • Kills germs and bacteria via UVB and UVC rays
  • Dual bulbs for maximum cleaning
  • Sterilizes phones, keys, wallets, AirPods, and more
  • Double as a fast wireless charger

The price is set at $99 for a unit. Should you pre-order, orders will start shipping April 15.

Pre-Order Link



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